I am pleased to let you know that I am feeling much better now. The aesculus is working and I have noticed quite an improvement in my Haemorrhoids.

Amazing recovery from flu after eupatorium perforatum.

Finished the argent nit a couple of days ago -

my anxiety is very much reduced

& I have slept well for the last week.

Acne spots very much improved and less irritable before my periods.

After a life time of allergies, they're mostly better.

I wish I had been treated with Homeopathy as a child, my life would have been very different.

All eczema arm wounds are healed - just pink scar

                  tissue and no itchiness.

After the 1st course of remedies,

there's no itching, sneezing or any allergic symptoms.

The Psoriasis on my leg has vanished.

I had this for 9 years.

It was miraculousafter the 1st week  I woke up feeling really bright

I wasn't as tired, I was more enthusiastic about work. Legs were less achey & no pins and needles!