​Twenty five per cent of women have difficulty achieving pregnancy. This is often due to many years of using the oral contraceptive pill and also the trend to leave starting a family to later in life, but there are also many other reasons.

I am now using the Liz Lalor fertility programme which is designed to restore a woman’s reproductive system to its original function and structure. This is a course of treatment using homeopathy and sometimes also herbs and supplements to assist couple who are having difficulties conceiving a child. The success rate using this programme is an amazing 87%. To date Liz has successfully assisted 340 births. The programme is over 4 menstrual cycles. If a baby is not conceived in that time then the assumption is that a pregnancy will not happen and it would be unfair to continue the programme. The upper age limit for this programme is 42 years. The method also assists women who are able to achieve pregnancy but have repeated miscarriages. Candida, endometriosis and polycystic ovaries are issues that are dealt with in this programme. It can help to regulate ovulation even if the woman has not been ovulating due to having stopped taking the oral contraceptive pill or who have polycystic ovaries.